Some Observations on the Role of Water States for Biological and Therapeutical Effects


  • Massimo Scalia CIRPS (Interuniversity Center of Research for Sustainable Development), Italy
  • Pasquale Avino International Committee for Research and Study of Environmental Factors; Istituto Nazionale Assicurazione Infortuni sul Lavoro, Italy
  • Massimo Sperini Interuniversity Center of Research for Sustainable Development, Italy
  • Valentina Viccaro EU.NA.M. Institute, Italy
  • Albina Pisani International Committee for Research and Study of Environmental Factors, Italy
  • Vincenzo I. Valenzi Interuniversity Center of Research for Sustainable Development; International Committee for Research and Study of Environmental Factors; UNIGLOBUS University, Italy



Cell water, Water dynamic changes, Biological and clinical implications, Skin electric parameters, Electro Acupuncture of Voll, APEC 300 and high resolution measures, Drugs at very low concentration, Potential measurements and frequency spectrum, Memory of water.


The peculiar properties of water are recalled, among them the “memory of water”, underlining the behavior of cell water, whose “ordered” structure is probably due to the endogenous electromagnetic fields generated by organelles inside the cells, such mitochondria and microtubules. Biological and clinical implications of water dynamic changes are reported, mainly based on SEP (Skin Electric Parameters) analysis and a hypothesis that has been advanced about an “action at distance” exerted by low concentration drugs. Nowadays, regarding measures of electro-cutaneous parameters our research can resort to a device of advanced electronics, APEC 300, that, beside an Electro Acupuncture operational function, but with quantitative precise values, can detect micro variations on parameters of cell aqueous solutions, and those of the water too, when the analyzed object is solicited by an external electromagnetic weak field, as well as by a drug at a very low concentration. A draft of two possible lines of research is outlined in conclusions, one depending only on ourselves and regarding “water tests” in the context of the “memory of water” experiments. By the side of EIS experiments about conductivity and impedance spectroscopy, in this article very high-resolution measures are suggested, by means of APEC 300, of an important parameter, the potential; a kind of measurements less complex and more reliable regarding the device/object interference, to which can besides easily be associated a frequency spectrum in the extremely low frequency region. In this line of research, it is the first time, for what we know, that some measurements of the potential, with its frequency spectrum, have been carried out for water without and with stimulation (the latter represented by the action of a magnetic field). This first set of measures by APEC 300 reveals the region 0–0.5 Hz as one of special interest.

Author Biography

Massimo Scalia, CIRPS (Interuniversity Center of Research for Sustainable Development)

Bioelectromagnetics Section of CIRPS, Coordinator


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