Review article proposal

IBB publishes high quality reviews across the subject scope of the journal. We especially encourage reviews exploring cross-disciplinarity and topics rich in novelty. Reviews provide thorough and authoritative examination of a subject matter. They offer an exhaustive overview of the current state-of-the-art within a particular field. They delve into recent advancements, explore emerging trends, and identify new directions for research, shedding light on their broader implications for the scientific community at large.

If you are considering submitting a review article for publication in IBB, please complete the proposal form and direct to the editorial office at

The proposal should be no more than 1 side of A4 in length and include:

  • a structural outline with sub-headings to briefly explain content;
  • succinct identification of how the review investigates new aspects within its chosen topic, examines various fields within a cross-disciplinary framework, and underscores its significance for a broad scientific readership;
  • explanation of how the proposed manuscript differs from two or three related review articles (please provide references);
  • assurance that at least 50% of the cited literature is not older than 5 years and that only relevant literature is cited.
  • information on when authors plan to submit the manuscript.

The proposal form should be accompanied by the authors' CV, including a publication list. Original publications related to the proposed review topic should be clearly indicated in the publication list.

The journal strictly considers reviews only from authors who have previously demonstrated expertise in the subject of the review through several original publications.

Completion of this request is mandatory; only when all questions are fully answered will the proposal be considered.

Any unsolicited review submitted without a proposal form and the authors’ CVs will be returned to the authors, requesting them to provide the necessary information.

The decision to review a proposal from authors who have submitted an unsolicited review paper will be made at the discretion of the Editors.

Once we have received the completed proposal of a review article, it will be evaluated by the Editor-in-Chief along with members of the editorial board to determine the journal's interest in publishing such a review. If the decision is favorable, authors can proceed with submission via the manuscript submission system at All reviews accepted for further assessment will undergo our standard peer review process, with no guarantee of acceptance.